ItsyGames For Babies&Toddlers App

ItsyGames For Babies&Toddlers App
ItsyGames for Babies & Toddlers
Type: Matching & Puzzles Game.
Released: April, 2019
Ages: 1+
Devices: iPhone, iPad OS: iOS 11+
Technologies: Swift (Native)
Link to the app in apple store: ItsyGames for Babies & Toddlers
Technical: SpriteKit, Animation, Parental Gate, in-app purchases, Google AdMob, localized. Read more…Description: New game set **Alphabet** Download and play all 4 games set in one app. Intuitive and simple games for your baby. Toddlers love **NO ADS AT ALL IN THE APP**One app for learning numbers and letters while playing simple games (apps within the apps) for any age. Alphabet (********* NEW***********)
— Try to follow the animation and repeat all the steps. 3 Different levels. Also, involves memory skills.
— Follow animation and tap the animated numbers. 3 Levels. Numbers from 1 to 10, 10 to 100, and 100 to 1000
Matching games:
— match objects with the shadows. 3 themes: Fruits&Veggies, Transportation and Home Goods
— Simple puzzles for your toddler to keep busy. 3 themes with beautiful images
Match each object to its shadow to build awareness and cognitive skills. Your children can practice their visual recognition skills. Basic drag-and-drop games for babies and toddlers. Multiple themes and items to drag and drop, like kitchenware, fruits and veggies, cars, and other transportation. Shadow matching with the original pictures. Training on small motor skills. Shape recognition by sorting different objects with different shapes. Improving early child development. Babies and toddlers. All ages are welcome. Parental gate area just to make sure your kids and toddlers and babies are protected for Advertisement. 4 Types of games: Alphabet, Numbers, Matching, and Puzzles. Each category has 3 different sub-categories with a lot of different images and shapes, letters, and numbers.

NO ADS in the app!!!

Any feedback is really appreciated! Enjoy!

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