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A Web Design and Internet Marketing company located in Atlanta, GA, Studio Goal (known as Web Technologies Experts, LLC) is dedicated to providing complete web
and internet marketing solutions creatively tailored for your business. Whether you need a new social media-friendly web design, a highly functional web-based application, SEO, CRM, CMS, or an interactive mobile app, we engineer the most effective and impactful marketing and communication tool for your company.

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A Web Design and Internet Marketing company located in Atlanta, GA, Studio Goal (known as Web Technologies Experts, LLC) is dedicated to providing complete web
and internet marketing solutions creatively tailored for your business. Whether you need a new social media-friendly web design, a highly functional web-based application, SEO, CRM, CMS, or an interactive mobile app, we engineer the most effective and impactful marketing and communication tool for your company.

mobile app development

Mobile App Development
Studio Goal Mobile Development Team can create a highly impactful user interface and dynamic user functions for your company mobile app. From mobile phones to PDA’s and tablets, we have deep knowledge across many platforms.
iPhone App Development
The iPhone is a multimedia smartphone developed by Apple. The device is run by Apple’s proprietary operating system called iOS and developed using Apple’s SDK. iPhone apps can only be put on an iPhone or an iPod Touch.
Android Application Development
The benefits of Android technology are being noticed by the marketplace: advanced connectivity incorporating Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, large storage capacity, ability to run multiple applications at a time, and an open-development environment.
iPad Application Development
Studio Goal Mobile Team has developed numerous custom applications on Apple’s mobile operating system, which powers the iPhone, iPod Touch, and the newest mobile device the iPad.
How we do mobile:
Unique planning & prototyping system allows you to see and refine your user’s experience before we move to programming. There are no surprises or added costs, because we work out all the visual elements, the user flow and interaction contingencies before setting it into code.
User Interface Design Prototypes
User Experience Mockups
User Experience Flow Design
User Experience Analysis
Interaction Design
Platform Specific Design
Studio Goal supports your app development from concept to launch. Getting your app registered and submitted for marketing can be frustrating and technically challenging. Specifically, Apple store has strict guidelines of what apps can make it to marketing. Once your app is ready, we prepare and launch your app marketing


Web scraping, web harvesting, or web data extraction is data scraping used for extracting data from websites. The web scraping software may access the World Wide Web directly using the Hypertext Transfer Protocol or through a web browser. While web scraping can be done manually by a software user, the term typically refers to automated processes implemented using a bot or web crawler. It is a form of copying, in which specific data is gathered and copied from the web, typically into a central local database or spreadsheet, for later retrieval or analysis.What can we do for you?
List of scraping services including, but not limited to:
On a recurring or one-time basis, we will collect the information you are looking for. This can be for ex. information about the product or service or even to track competitors online reputation.
For example, you are a general construction contractor and looking to buy the cheapest material from Home Depot in the close to your 3 zip codes. We will provide you the breakdown by material types prices and even possibly price changes in the requested zip codes.Or another example, you are running moving services and would like to learn more about your online reputation and reviews. We will provide the breakdown by source and analytics information.One more use case we are seeing increase in: you are building an e-com (e-store) website and would like to start selling your product as soon as possible and we can help. We will scrape the product details for you: descriptions, prices, links, images, and more.Scraped information can be provided in the text, JSON, SQL, CSV, or any other reasonable and requested format.What would you like to scrape?
Please, fill out the form below with your scraping ideas! I hope we will hear from you soon!


API integrations and custom software development
Already have a website running? We implement any API integrations with 3rd party services or custom partners. Just let us know what would you like to intergrate in to your platform. From user interfaces to custom web based software development / 3rd party API integration and the technology that makes it all happen, we produce and deliver. No matter how complex the application, idea or vision. Here’s what we can do for you:
Shopping Cart & eCommerce
Online Catalog Application
Order Tracking System
Content Management System
eLearning Applications
Live Chat
Customer Relationship Management
News & Events Page & Archive
RSS Generator
Blog Application & Bulletin Board
Directory & Profile Development
Multi-feature Client Dashboard
Businesses change and grow in the blink of an eye, that’s why we make sure to develop expandable web architecture so additional modules can be easily added. We also make it easy and efficient to manage the content on your site from any internet connection worldwide through the use of a Content Management System (CMS) . Our web developers ensure a truly user-friendly CMS that is simple to maintain and update. Our CMS was created to be intuitive and self-explanatory, ensuring that anyone with average computer skills can easily update their website.Text


Welcome to our portfolio page. This is where you can find useful links to the web and mobile app in production. Most of the products are available in the official Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Terms Of Use
Last update May 18, 2022
Web Technologies Experts, LLC, from now on referred as "Web Technologies Experts, LLC" (and products: Quit Smoking App, ItsyGames app, GlancyApp, Doll Finder App, Georgia DMV DDS, and other web products, developed by Us known as in-house products) is committed to protect the privacy of our users. While our apps and games are for the whole family, our website www.studiogoal.com is intended for any age.
By using this website or any of our content or mobile app, you agree with this privacy policy.Web Technologies Experts, LLC, may modify or update this Privacy Policy at any time as we add new features or laws change. We recommend reviewing this page frequently.Privacy Policy
We do collect personal information where it is required for app to be fully functional or for standalone features of the product.
Web Technologies Experts, LLC might use 3rd party software to track and analyze user activities on the websites as well as in the mobile apps.
Web Technologies Experts, LLC can collect information that parents and educators voluntarily provide through the website.
In addition, Web Technologies Experts, LLC may collect non-personal information about the use of your website and its applications for the sole purpose of improving its contents.
This information will be collected respecting the best practices for children under 13 years.
When the user contacts us to request information or support, his email address will be used only to provide the information requested and will not be stored. When the user provides us with an email address to subscribe to the “PlayNews” mailing list,
the user confirms that this address is not a personal data, nor does it contain any personal data.
This address will only be used to send news of products of Web Technologies Experts, LLC and will never be sold or
ceded to third parties except in the case of services of third parties strictly necessary for the sending of such mails.
This subscription can be canceled at any time by contacting us or using the link enabled for it in the emails received.
The mailing list is not confidential and will not be used to send confidential information.
About non-personal information
This information is for internal use only and it might be shared without your consent unless otherwise, this is going against local laws. Web Technologies Experts, LLC may use third-party services to provide services such as sending emails or help with technical support. We only work with companies that respect this privacy policy and agree to use the information provided solely for designated purposes. Such third-party services may be established inside or outside of the European Union.
Tracking and Location
Web Technologies Experts, LLC might collect any kind of information that allows to track or locate users individually. This doesn't apply to the apps targeting children or kids under 4 years old and should comply with local laws.
Third Party Terms and Conditions
In our contents, we can include links to third-parties websites and services. Please be sure to review the privacy policy of those services and websites before using them, Web Technologies Experts, LLC is not responsible for the practices of those services and pages.
Also, to use content served through mobile application stores you must agree with the terms and conditions of those stores.
Legal Notice
This website has been created by https://studiogoal.com for information purposes and for the personal use of users.
Through this Legal Notice, it is intended to regulate the access and use of this website,
as well as the relationship between the website and its users.
Accessing this website means knowing and accepting the terms and conditions described on this page:
access to this website is the sole responsibility of the users. Web Technologies Experts, LLC.
Reserves the right to modify these terms of use at any time,
such changes will only affect users who visit this website from the moment these changes are published.
All content displayed on the website www.studiogoal.com belongs to Web Technologies Experts, LLC as exclusive intellectual property with all rights reserved.

Doll Finder Seller Information
Last update Aug 1, 2022

Please, carefully read the important information below:

We try to make the Doll Finder App operations run smoothly as possible for sellers and buyers. Every product/good for sale is going under review and will be published only for approved sellers.

Seller's minimum requirements:
In order to be able to sell on the app every seller must pass a screening/background check by our 3rd party provider. This is the main requirement, and the application link will be provided. The provider might request private information to clear the screening.
Also, we will request:
- We will have to confirm your age
- We will have to confirm your contact information such as email and phone number
- Your home or business address (for tax and shipping purposes)
- We will have to gather your SSN, TIN, or EIN for tax purposes. (only after you meet applicable sales amount limits)
- We will have to confirm your banking, or money transfer accounts, like Zelle, PayPal, and others (this will be done by submitting and confirming the amount)

We use stripe as our payment provider. To see applicable fees, visit https://stripe.com/pricing
Currently, stripe fees are 2.9% + 30 cents per successful card charge.
The Doll Finder App fee is $1 for each successful transaction.
Sales tax will be subtracted from the final prices of sale and deducted from the payout to the Seller.

Payout example:
The seller posted a doll for sale on the app for $80 + $14 for shipping.
Sales tax in GA (30041) is 7%:
($80+$14) x 0.07 = $6.58
Stripe fees:($80+$14) x 0.0029 + 0.3 = $3.03
Doll Finder fee $1
Payout to seller: ($80 + $14) - $6.58 - $3.03 - $1 = $83.39

Shipping:Sellers are able to sell and ship goods ONLY within the USA.Currently, the Doll Finder App has a static shipping amount of $14 (this is calculated from the average of the shipping from the prior years for small and large items, like doll furniture). If you would like to have a custom shipping amount, please, contact us: dollfinderapp@gmail.com

Payout occurs automatically twice a month on the 1st and 15th of each month. It might take a few business days to see the money in your bank account, depending on your bank. Money transfer systems, like Zelle, and PayPal are mostly instant.
Payout amounts will be transferred ONLY after the buyer receives the goods.We might hold some reserved funds from your account to prevent fraud and other illegal activities during the investigation.

Got questions?If you have any questions or ideas or requests, please, email us: dollfinderapp@gmail.com


From web design and development right through to Search Engine Optimization and online marketing solutions. We can handle projects of any scale. We look forward to hearing from you and bringing your project to life.