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Goal to Quit Smoking App Apple Store logo

Goal to Quit Smoking

Type: Lifestyle, Health, Habits&Goals.
Released: January, 2019
Description: Track your qutting smoking progress. Calculate monthly & annual savings
Ages: 18+
Devices: iPhone, iPad OS: iOS 11+
Technologies: React Native
Technical: React Native, Javascript, npm
Website: Goal to Quit Smoking Apple Store

ItsyGames For Babies&Toddlers App Apple Store logo

ItsyGames For Babies&Toddlers App

Type: Matching & Puzzles Game.
Released: April, 2019
Description: Match each object to its shadow. Build awareness and cognitive skills. Complete puzzles
Ages: 1+
Devices: iPhone, iPad OS: iOS 11+
Technologies: Swift (Native)
Technical: SpriteKit, Animation, Parental Gate, in-app purchases, Google AdMob, localized. Read more...
Website: ItsyGames Apple Store

Wordpress Pay with venmo plugin

Pay with Venmo plugin for Wordpress

Type:Official Wordpress Plugin
Released: March, 2018
Status: Discontinued, Jan, 2019, Venmo API became private.
Description: Embeddable button to receive venmo transfers.
Technologies: PHP, Javascript, MYSQL, WEB, HTML/CSS, Wordpress plugin
Technical: Configurable look&feel, add Venmo Account, WP shortcodes.
Website: Pay with Venmo Wordpress

Craigslist Quick Poster tool

Craigslist Quick Poster

Type: Desktop Software
Released: August, 2014
Status: Discontinued, Jun, 2016
Description: Auto poster is for a small business on craigslist.org. One click - one Ad.
Technologies: Java, WebDriver
Technical: UI on Java (Java Server Faces), posting using selenium/webdriver
Website: Craigslist Quick Poster (CLQP)

Travel blog world2go.com

Blog: World2go.com

Released: January, 2012
Description: Blog about US, San Diego, World, Travel blog, Classifieds, Order System
Technologies: PHP, Javascript, MYSQL, WEB, HTML/CSS, Wordpress
Technical: Custom Theme, Custom Plugins, Social Network setup, Ads, SEO, Promo
Website: World2go.com

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