Goal to Quit Smoking

Type: Lifestyle, Health, Habits&Goals.
Quit Smoking by StudioGoal
Released: January, 2019
Ages: 18+
Devices: iPhone, iPad OS: iOS 11+
Technologies: React Native
Link to the app in apple store: Quit Smoking by StudioGoal

Technical: React Native, Javascript, npm

Description: Looking the way to quit smoking? Track your progress with our app. We will help you with your challenge and will also provide some interesting facts, like savings. There is a whole science and a lot of studies about “how to quit smoking”. This is a challenge for some and easy habit change for others. We have decided to introduce an app that will help users to track the quitting progress. Easy to use and navigate between screens with helpful information and tips. To get started, just fill a quick questionary and that’s it. You are all set. Our app will allow you to track your progress on daily basis, monitor the amount of money saved from day 1 of quitting as well as an estimate for the year. There is a lot of helpful info under the Tips tab: stages and best practices. The settings tab will allow users to modify the selections from the first setup and (or) change the settings if they weren’t able to quit from the first time. I know it is hard work. I’m always open to discuss and help you to quit smoking. Please, email me immediately if you need support from me. Also, it is the first version of the app and it is pretty simple, but more features are getting ready. Let’s make a new year free of smoking and pick a healthy choice.

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